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The Big Launch: Pulling Back the Curtain on the Camelot Network’s Big Rebranding

Last night, The Camelot Network launched its new website and branding to celebrate the rapid expansion of its membership and its ever-growing presence within the industry. The network acts as a focal point between the insurance industry, with its inherent challenges, and the relevant experts with the collective knowhow. As a hub of expertise, Camelot was designed to craft solutions that break down barriers, enhance business growth and accelerate transformation.

A global audience of 175 individuals from across the financial sector joined in the online event to celebrate the occasion – one very packed Zoom call – as the network unveiled their revamped design and spoke about their exciting future ahead and their ambitions to promote meaningful change across the industry.

David Clamp, former Head of IT and Solutions Delivery at Hiscox, and currently, the director of Merlin Digital Consulting, envisioned a community of independent insurance experts in 2018. The idea, then inspired by the lonesome experience of the independent consultant, has since rapidly taken shape in the form of The Camelot Network.

Extra chairs have had to be added to David’s virtual round table, as The Camelot Network now has over 150 members – all leading industry experts who have made lasting impacts in their respective fields. In other words, they have ‘been there and done it’. Prioritising collaboration, the network forms an unrivalled marketplace of collective expertise and experience, whilst the members reap the rewards of increased connectivity and growth. The Camelot Network has fostered a community that is built on the mantra of ‘Strong individually. Stronger together’ – this mantra was right at the core of the event.

“Creating a product launch that Apple would be proud of,” as David put it, was challenging in a virtual environment, especially without the added perks of free nibbles and drinks, but all of this was a mere afterthought. The friendly, community-spirit dominated the event, with members recounting how the network had brought them deep friendships, as well as new connections.

“I’ve developed some fantastic friendships.”

Juan Bernal, Co-Founder and CEO of GSS Analytix

The network’s strong ethos of collaboration permeated throughout the event as there was an abundance of sharing of the main achievements of The Camelot Network as it has grown over the last 2 years. Although there were many proud beams across the Zoom meeting room for David, it was evident that this event was the culmination of collective effort – without the diverse array of talent on offer, the network would not be what it is today. Anthony Grosso, Senior Vice President at EIS, exclaimed that the diversity was the best part of The Camelot Network, “coolest thing about the network – the diversity of expertise – I get a plethora of responses from different perspectives, you can’t get that anywhere else.”

Rob King, Director of Wzard Innovation – part of the network’s very first round table – shared his thoughts from his group’s breakout room, where they networked and discussed all things Camelot, “The passion and enthusiasm for driving the network forward has been infectious to everybody ever since we started and it’s great to see that recognition from different people.”

“There’s a real recognition for the level of professionalism and the quality of the interactions.”

Rob King, Director of Wzard Innovation

The event was a resounding success, with one guest, Grahame Cohen, Founder of Epoq Legal, even commenting that, “this is the first of any of the Zoom-type virtual events that I’ve been to where I’ve actually felt that I was getting a genuine depth of connection, because the sort of people you’ve got here are really high calibre.”

This is an exciting, game changing venture; if you would like to get involved and find out more about how Camelot could help you, follow The Camelot Network on LinkedIn and Twitter, or you can find more information on The Camelot Network website.