How to treat vulnerable customers fairly

April 7th, 2021

With the FCA bearing down on the need to ‘Treat (Vulnerable) Customers Fairly’, Eddie Longworth and Hugh Hessing‘s new White Paper examines the key issues. The FCA is expecting every regulated organisation to have a plethora of new internal processes, measurements, and reporting to tackle what they see as a major requirement. From product design […]


Risky Mix: Changing the Mix, One Episode at a Time

March 9th, 2021

Katie Crook-Davies (member of The Camelot Network) and Rajasree Variyar, insurance industry experts and co-founders of The Risky Mix podcast, tell us all about their mission to make insurance more diverse and inclusive. Where & why did the Risky Mix Podcast come about? With a combined 20 years in insurance, we’ve had more than just […]


The Future of Customer Driven Insurance

February 9th, 2021

“I’ll tell you what I want, what I really, really want…” What would happen if we actually took a look through the lens of the customer to truly understand what they really, really want? This short article discusses the opportunity and need to radically transform our current thinking – to bring the customer into the […]


Customer Experience in 2021; Journey or Quest?

January 8th, 2021

Many businesses think they are great at CX. However,  there is a well-known statistic that says that 80% of businesses believe they provide “superior” customer service, but only 8% of customers say they’re getting it! So why is there such a significant gap between reality and perception? In a recent ‘Ask Camelot’ event, ‘Customer Experience […]


The Collective Brain: The Fastest Route to Better Questions and Better Answers

December 16th, 2020

The notion of the lone genius is an attractive one. From Leonardo Da Vinci to Albert Einstein to Ada Lovelace, society (and innovation circles in particular) fetishize them and lauds their unmatchable talent. Of course, these folks had great talent in underlying fields. But their special sauce was really their ability to simultaneously hold different […]


Inclusion & Diversity – a lens to see the person before the problem

November 18th, 2020

You won’t gain the same insights or share the same experience as others reading this article. You will have a unique way of digesting the thoughts presented to you. You come to this article with a reaction when you hear the word inclusion, or diversity. This means I can’t really know my “audience”. That’s okay, […]