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Spotlight on… Gary Nuttall

Gary Nuttall has the know-how when it comes to emerging technology.

He’s the Founder of Distlytics and a tech whizz to say the least – he’s ‘got the scars AND the t-shirt’ to prove it!

  1. How long have you been a member of Camelot?

Nearly a year!

  1. Have you been an expert on any Road Test panels? If so, which & can you remember what the themes were & how you enjoyed helping them?

I was on the Datactics Road Test panel. I found it was a good opportunity to assist in shaping their proposition for the insurance market.

  1. Are you a leader or a member of a Think Tank? If so, why and what do you get out of it? Or hope the industry gets out of it?

I am a member of the newly formed NED Think Tank.

I hopefully will be able to share my experiences and knowledge and gain insights from fellow members. 

  1. Area of expertise (in 1 or 2 words)?  

Emerging Technology.

  1. Highest/proudest most recognisable previous role?

Head of Business Intelligence, Chaucer Syndicates.

  1. How long have you been doing this subject/area?

I have 35 years of commercial experience across multiple industries, 7 years in the insurance market and 5 years providing consultancy in emerging technology.

  1. Please can you provide some examples of recent projects that you’ve worked on?
  1. What is your unique selling point? What makes your business approach unique?

As an adviser and mentor to emerging technology startups, and a consultant to larger established organisations, I am able to use my extensive knowledge of what really works.

I cut through the hype, dispel the myths and unveil the reality of emerging technology and what risks and opportunities it presents.
Gary Nuttall

  1. Can you name one professional high point from the last 12 months and what made it so good?

Running an online emerging technology masterclass with a trade delegation of Moroccan firms, including banks, insurers and regulators. 

The masterclass covered a wide range of technologies, including RPA, Machine Learning and Blockchain. The post-event feedback from delegates was fantastic and several even contacted me directly after the event to express their delight at how much they learned from the course.

  1. We need to talk about…? What is, or what should be, hot on the industry’s lips in your view?

In insurance we’re still encumbered by monolithic, slow moving processes and procedures that firms are reluctant to change for fear of breaking them. We need to accept that any slow processes are, by definition, broken already.  In a 24/7, always connected, real time world,  customers expect simplicity, transparency and immediacy. 

It’s time to radically reshape our businesses so they really are ‘customer centric’.

  1. Please describe a challenging work scenario (no names) and how you resolved it?

There’s so many *ahem* “challenging” scenarios I can think of that have usually been resolved with ‘so I got them to talk to each other about it’.  

So often something so simple and obvious is the easiest way to fix things. Getting two teams together to explore not just what they need from each other but why they need it can be transformational. 

It never fails to amaze me that in the people-process-technology paradigm, everyone forgets that it’s the people part that is critical to success or failure.

  1. What should everyone be reading/listening to?

Apart from my YouTube Channel?

I used to go to TED events and watch TedX recordings but they’re getting a bit boring with their tightly defined style and presentation format. I tend to now use LinkedIn, YouTube and Twitter a lot to keep my finger on the pulse with the world, work and major events.

Do you have any words of wisdom for us or a short phrase that sums up your ethos?

‘Fail Fast’ should not be the aim. The aim should be to try things and if they don’t work then stop doing them, review/revise/learn and move on. 

If they do work….do them even more and even better!

  1. Do you have a favourite quote?

The rate at which we are adopting technology, both in our personal and professional lives is getting faster and faster. That means that today is as slow as it’s going to be.”

Rt Hon Matt Hancock, MP

  1. Any professional goals for the upcoming year?

I’m always looking at how I can learn and develop my skills and knowledge and then apply them to what products/services I can offer.  

It’s hard to keep pace with so many technologies and innovations that are springing up. My professional goals therefore are to apply my knowledge of cryptocurrencies, DeFi and NFTs and how they can be used in the insurance sector and to work with insurers to establish what the insurable opportunities are.

  1. Why are you such an asset to the industry & the network?

I’ve worked in many industries and have seen what works and, importantly, what doesn’t.  

I’m able to balance the excitement and enthusiasm of introducing new technologies with the pragmatism and experience to actually make it work. I have both the scars AND the t-shirt!

  1. Why does your area of expertise need to be spotlighted?

I’m a well known emerging technology evangelist with a desire to drag industries, such as the insurance market, away from the 20th century physical world and into the digital and virtual world of the 21st century.  

To achieve that, I can provide the knowledge and expertise on how to do it right!

  1. Anything else you think insurers, solution providers to the insurance industry or potential members would find useful?

I have a vision that insurers need to stop selling insurance products and instead provide ENSURANCE services. I believe that people don’t want to pay for something that compensates them if something goes wrong. They want to pay for the assurance that it’s not going to go wrong. 

Insurance company data and emerging technologies such as blockchain, machine learning and analytics can provide comprehensive risk management solutions. I’d love to speak to others with a similar vision.

  1. 2 or 3 tips or give aways that you can give to 1 or more of the following types of businesses:

Don’t spend time building a solution and then exploring the market to see if there is a need for it. 

Ask the market what their pain points are and then figure out a way of addressing them. That’s where Camelot workshops can be invaluable in helping firms understand how the insurance market actually works.

Learn what your competitors are doing and then see if you can do it better. 

Camelot members have deep expertise of the market and what works and what doesn’t. Tap into their insights…

As more people move into consultancy they all have the same worries, fears and make the same mistakes. Save yourself some time and anguish and learn from Camelot members who’ve been through similar situations.

  1. Any stats/results to show off your proud moments?

My most successful project failure (?!!!!) that I’m proud of was when I implemented a system that led to a 15% reduction in productivity. 

But it also delivered a 25% improvement in profitability. In essence, it allowed salespeople to work less by targeting more profitable customers. They loved it!

Another great achievement was a £1/2m analytics project that paid for itself within 15 minutes of going live! System went live at 09:00. By 09:15 I had a disgruntled Marketing Director complaining that the data was completely wrong. 

Turns out he’d actually stumbled across a major fraud with one of our suppliers. We ended up receiving a rebate of over £1m from them. That paid the total cost of the project and meant that the Marketing Director became a major champion of the system.

  1. And… Last but not least, how does being a member of The Camelot Network help you/or add value to your business?

“As an independent consultant, you always feel that you’re on your own as you’re not part of a team or organisation. Camelot allows you to network with other consultants in a similar position. It provides a great environment of learning and sharing and has a great feeling of community and inclusion. 

You’re more than just a member of Camelot. You’re part of it.


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