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Spotlight on… Eddie Longworth

Eddie Longworth, claims expert and member of The Camelot Network, tells us all about what he’s learned from his 25 years in claims and, most importantly, what the industry is in need of.

Read Eddie’s Member Spotlight here…

  1. What is your role since leaving corporate life?

I am the Founder and Director of JEL Consulting, which is a claims and supply chain transformation consultancy.

  1. How long have you been a member of Camelot?

 2 years.

  1. Are you a leader or a member of a Think Tank? If so, why and what do you get out of it? Or hope the industry gets out of it?

Leader of the Claims Think Tank. I believe it offers an incredible meeting of minds from some of the most experienced and interesting claims practitioners I have ever met. 

Covering every angle of claims, there is a real challenge to existing thinking and a desire to move claims to the ‘front and centre’ of the insurance debate. 

In short, it provides a true collaboration that gives me a real sense of inspiration and motivation.

  1. Area of expertise (in 1 or 2 words)?  

Claims & Supply Chain Transformation.

  1. Highest/proudest most recognisable previous role?

Establishing a position as a thought leader in the claims sector, after a 25-year career, across three different continents, and delivering hundreds of projects.

  1. How long have you been doing this subject/area?

25 years as a consultant, service provider, and commentator.

  1. Please can you provide some examples of recent projects that you’ve worked on?
  1. What is your unique selling point? What makes your business approach unique?

I combine intelligence, insight, and inspiration to drive strategic and tactical change at pace and depth. 

Objectivity, passion, and the ability to see the real picture gives me unique opportunities to find new solutions. My clients expect excellence from me and I expect commitment from them.

  1. Can you name one professional high point from the last 12 months and what made it so good?

I have been tasked with leading significant projects of change and development for clients based everywhere, from Finland to Saudi Arabia and the South Coast. 

However, it is not that type of project that gives me the most pleasure – much as I love the work. Instead, my professional highlight came when a brand new and very senior contact said that they had ‘previously heard of me’ and ‘admired my work’. 

It never ceases to amaze me that people with massive roles should bother to listen to what I have to say. I feel very privileged to be given opportunities to speak out and be heard.

  1. We need to talk about…? What is, or what should be, hot on the industry’s lips in your view?

The reputation of the industry is at an all-time low and this is not acceptable. 

The integrity of the claims function has been severely challenged by the Business Interruption debacle and, in turn, this has further entrenched the general perception that insurance is an industry not to be trusted. 

We cannot allow this to continue. We must provide the vision, leadership, and real programs of cultural change to transform our position in the eyes of our customers and the claims function should lead the way in this endeavour.

  1. Please describe a challenging work scenario (no names) and how you resolved it?

Claims and supply chain transformation work invariably involves change, disruption, and, sometimes, restructuring.

A recent household project that I was tasked with leading involved all of these elements, and senior personnel saw their authority and position being challenged. 

The key was to bring people on the journey by using evidence, not anecdote, seeking internal champions of the new vision, and communicate, communicate, communicate.

Eventually, every member of the senior management team came to support the new regime and were able to continue the good work without my intervention.

  1. What should everyone be reading/listening to?

Any marketing book by Seth Godin helps me to understand what I need to do to stay ahead of the curve.

  1. Do you have any words of wisdom for us or a short phrase that sums up your ethos?

My job is to pour everything I have into the work I do. Always deliver beyond expectations. Always offer more where others offer less. Help when needed and do not seek reward. Sew the seeds and watch the flowers grow!

  1. Do you have a favourite quote?

‘If you stand up and be counted, from time to time you may get yourself knocked down. But remember this: A man flattened by an opponent can get up again. A man flattened by conformity stays down for good.’ – Thomas J Watson 1874-1956

  1. Any professional goals for the upcoming year?

Last year was my best ever for gross revenue and I have the goal to exceed that by 10%. However, more important to me than money is peer recognition and approval. My ambition has always been to be recognised as a thought leader and influencer in my sphere; if I see evidence of that through my work and my industry colleagues then I am a happy man.

  1. Why are you such an asset to the industry & the network?

Combining insight, intelligence and inspiration gives me a unique viewpoint of the opportunities to grow, develop, and transform the claims environment. I challenge the norm, look for the new routes to success and deliver way beyond expectations. 

Objectivity, strength of character, and clarity of vision makes my consultancy services stand out from the crowd, deliver real results and drive positive change.

  1. Why does your area of expertise need to be spotlighted?

The claims function can account for as much as 70% or more of premium income.

Customers will rarely interact with their insurer unless they make a claim. The supply chains that work to help settle claims can be complex and uncertain. Vendors are constantly scrambling for attention in the light of fierce competition. Bring together these 3 elements of cost, customers, and supply, and it is clear that the claims environment is the premier sub-sector of the insurance industry.

  1. Any stats/results to show off your proud moments?
  1. Most importantly, what are 2 or 3 tips or giveaways that you can give to 1 or more of the following types of businesses

Solution providers to the insurance industries

The sales cycle will be 5x as long and 10x as complex as you think it will be. 

Insurance businesses – startup/scale ups

“Consumption of your product only starts when the claim is notified. Design the claims experience into the entirety of the business and not just as a ‘back office’ afterthought. “

Insurance businesses – established

Yes, you can (make more changes and act faster than you think). 

Other consultants

You will live or die by the quality and quantity of your sales and marketing efforts – not by your depth of knowledge and experience.

  1. Anything else you think Insurers, solution providers to the insurance industry, or potential members would find useful?

“Do not be dictated to by the activities of your competitors. Only those who have something to say will capture the attention of their customers and be deserving of the support and subsequent loyalty that we all seek”


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