Customer Experience in 2021: Journey or Quest? Ask Camelot


Customer Experience is now a multi-billion pound industry as organisations recognise the importance and value of understanding their customers; but do they really know how to harness it effectively?

Introducing the fourth of our virtual ‘Ask Camelot’ events, hosted by The Camelot Network’s Customer Experience and Outcomes Think Tank. In this interactive session, our Think Tank members will share their insights and practical steps to help you ensure mutual value while increasing return on investment.

With a wealth of experience throughout insurance and more, our panellists will be discussing the following key themes:

  1. How the regulatory landscape is shifting to encourage positive customer experience and outcomes
  2. The danger that customer experience initiatives become futile quests without clear boundaries or framework
  3. Practical advice for approaching customer experience from an organisational perspective, working with the customer for the benefit of all involved
  4. How reliance on old data and assumptions can lead to the wrong customer outcomes
  5. Customer experience trends and best practices in 2021

Following this discussion, you’ll get the chance to “Ask Camelot”. The panel will open up to your comments and questions, inviting you to join our round table to get answers directly from our Customer Experience and Outcomes Think Tank.

Our speakers are:

The Camelot Network brings together leading independent specialists from the insurance industry and beyond, who have ‘been there and done it’ in senior roles, to create a diverse and powerful collaborative force.

The event is finished.

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