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Endava sponsors the Camelot “London Market Think Tank”

Welcome Endava

The Camelot Network are delighted to welcome Endava as official sponsors to the London Market Think Tank.

We hope that this will be an exciting collaboration between our Camelot experts that operate in the London Market who have formed a Think Tank with the aim of pioneering thought leadership across the London Market and a leading IT services company Endava that is enabling great change across the London Market with many leading players.

David Clamp, Founder of the Camelot Network said:

“This partnership with a leading IT Services provider operating across the London Market really enriches the thought leadership of the experts in the Camelot London Market Think Tank and really allows us to offer an even more powerful offering to the market – a great combination of experts who have been there and done it, now with a leading engineering company that is at the coalface with leading London Market players”.

What is the London Market Think Tank & what is it trying to achieve?

A group of circa 20 industry expert Camelot Network members, led by Matt Carter, who have been working in the London Market for years and want to make a difference with Endava adding their perspective with a view to creating a more powerful, combined and end to end offering to the London Market to accelerate change and drive business growth.  

The combination of experienced market practitioners and Endava can provide real actionable insights to many of the London Market challenges organisations are wrestling with.

What can we expect from Endava?

As one of the leading IT Services providers across the London Market, Endava’s role is to bring to the table the practical insights and observations from its various leading London Market projects and client partnerships and to help design and engineer new initiatives to drive the London Market forward.

Matt Carter, expert in the London Market & leader of the Think Tank & Camelot Network member said:

“Endava pulling up a seat at the Camelot London Market Think Tank table will really enrich our thinking and allows us to offer even more powerful insights to the London Market”

How can/will the Think Tank benefit the industry?

By bringing together a group of pragmatic, experienced market practitioners who now operate independently, providing that much-needed objective and impartial perspective on industry challenges and opportunities. With the industry constantly in a cycle of change and numerous thought leaders, a voice from those who have spent most of their career working first hand within it but now are able to provide that much needed outside-in view of helping direct organisations about the options available. Experience really teaches us to not make the same mistakes again.

Kevin Crawford, Global Head of Insurance Delivery from Endava said:

“We’re excited to have a seat at this Think Tank. At Endava, we believe that Blueprint Two and the Future of Lloyd’s programme is key to the ongoing success and growth of the London Market. The knowledge and experience of the Camelot Network is important to this sector and collectively we will offer solutions that the whole industry can benefit from.”

Who are the Think Tank experts?

Collectively the think tank has hundreds of years of market experience, previous roles within the London Market include: Head of Digital Distribution, COO, Head of Change Management, CIO and Programme Director. The mix of roles and expertise brings a rich tapestry of industry best practice knowledge.

What kind of expertise/experience do some of the individuals bring?

The think tank in one group brings together a wide set of hands on experience including: 

Why should readers be interested in what you guys say? What will they get out of it following this think tank? How will it benefit them?

Whilst there is much written about the London Market and even more opinion spoken of it in offices, rooms and bars, the benefit from the Camelot Think Tank is their opinion and actions are driven by wanting the London Market to become the best it can be and ensuring it remains optimised across all its disciplines, using the latest thinking and technology and adapts to the ever-changing demands. That is our only skin in the game, we care about helping businesses achieve this.

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