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Camelot Curates: Purposeful People

Purposeful People

Business Leaders Making a Difference

Compiled By Chris Paton

Reviewed by Chloe Allison

Compiled by Managing Director of Quirk Solutions, Chris Paton, PURPOSEFUL PEOPLE is an inspiring and important book that should be on your reading list. Made up of 20 great chapters written by 20 (you guessed it) purposeful people, the book provides insights into a wide range of topics based on each author’s life experiences, values, and expertise.

Health, mindfulness, networking, imposter syndrome, finding your purpose, and many more fascinating subjects are covered. PURPOSEFUL PEOPLE is loaded with helpful tips and lessons that will help you harness your purpose, develop your success and live your best life. This read will not only improve your life but will also improve the lives of others as the proceeds of the book are being donated to the charities: Shelter, SSAFA, Cancer Fund For Children, and Samten.

The book in three words?

Informative – Rousing – Helpful

Who is a purposeful person in business?  

From the variety of authors in the book and their brilliant chapters, it is demonstrated that there is no purposeful person cookie cutter. The book proves that there are many ways to have a purpose in the business world and outside of it.

Who is this book for? 

 Due to the wide range of authors, subjects, and life lessons presented in the book, it is likely you will learn something new and relevant to yourself, no matter who you are. With that being said, the book will be especially helpful to you if you are a business leader (including if you are aspiring to be one) as all of the topics relate to that role.

What do members of The Camelot Network think? 

“An excellent book offering an eclectic mix of thought-provoking, very inspirational and yet also practical insights – a rich source of wisdom from experience, not theory. 
I especially liked the section by Chris McKibbon on the power of networks and the collective brain. It clearly dispels the romantic notion of the lone genius, firmly replacing it with the reality that we are much stronger and far more effective when collaborating with others – a mantra of the Camelot Network – which is kindly mentioned in the book. It covers the advantages and how to overcome the headwinds of networking ‘the trick is to get comfortable with being uncomfortable and to remember that people are generally supportive of genuine, authentic engagement.’ The Camelot Network is so aptly described in the book as “it is now an enviable means to learn and engage with the Insurance market….by standing on the shoulders of senior, seasoned folks” – that’s what we do! Very insightful book – highly recommend.”
David Clamp, Founder and Managing Director of Merlin Digital Consulting and The Camelot Network

To sum it up:

Packed with inspiring quotes, life stories, and lessons, PURPOSEFUL PEOPLE, will teach you something new, develop your knowledge and help you be the best version of yourself.

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