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‘A Camelot Christmas’ – A not – so – Silent Night!

Many of us are feeling a little let down by 2020, which has kept all of our social lives on a tight leash, and now it has gone for the most sacred thing of all: our Christmas parties. Without a good Christmas bash, you might be wondering where you’re going to let your inhibitions go? Fear not, as once again, Zoom is here to salvage some of our Christmas traditions – especially, our annual work Christmas parties.

At this point a good chunk of us have become accustomed to our lives online, not least of all, most workplaces, including, The Camelot Network which has become a 100% virtual organisation and they are thriving as a result of this leap. We’re not sure what it all boiled down to – perhaps it was due to Camelot’s extensive online experience, or maybe it was down to the inspiring community that they’ve grown – but their virtual Christmas party was bursting with merriment.

The Camelot Network hosted its first ever virtual Christmas party last night: ‘Camelot Christmas’ – A not-so-Silent Night!; an event that did exactly what it said on the tin. Even though Zoom has become a source of work-related bother for many, The Camelot Network still managed to get the most out of it, delivering on its promise of a fun packed evening with lots of surprises.

One member of The Camelot Network, Erica Mackay, even said “I never thought I would enjoy a Zoom Xmas party. But I was wrong.” 

The evening was filled to the brim with your usual party games, which were charged with competitive spirit, as all fought for the much sought after title of ‘Camelot Christmas Champion’. Alongside the Champions crown, there were several awards up for grabs given to the network’s members who have helped the network grow and become what it is today. 

Thanks Camelot for hosting this wonderful gathering online and making 2020 special in its own way.”  – Parminder Kaur, Member of The Camelot Network

2020 has been an interesting year to say the least. Despite the ongoing hardships, The Camelot Network has still managed to excel in its endeavours with the help of a hub of expertise from across the financial sector. The Camelot Network’s successes would not have been possible without its unique combination of community spirit and unmatched collective knowhow. Having gone virtual, this year has been the complete opposite of a write off, and we’re particularly excited to see what’s next for the network in 2021. There’s lots to look forward to over the horizon with The Camelot Network, if you’re interested in getting involved you can find out more information on The Camelot Network website or you can follow The Camelot Network on LinkedIn and Twitter.