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“The Camelot Network has provided flexible access to a broad range of expertise and talent, who have ‘been there and done it’ and genuinely care about finding the right solution to their clients’ challenges. I would work with them in a heartbeat.”

Linda Holmes

CTO - Guardian Financial Services

“I’d like to thank you for sharing your collective expertise on the topical issue of Emerging Risks for Insurers, at relatively short notice. I found the insights very informative and the conversation flowed seamlessly. Whilst it would have been good to meet in person, I don’t believe the experience was hampered by being over VC. I can thoroughly recommend the Camelot Network for financial services and digital think tank discussions and will be taking the insights onboard. I very much look forward to future sessions and tapping into the great pool of collective expertise.”

Mark Ramsden

Risk Manager - AXA UK

“As a testament of a Camelot ‘user’, I will restate what I’ve said in the past. It is a brilliant idea. In fact, one fantastic Camelot member Marisa Murton reached out to me today with an idea. The network idea is working. Expertise in many areas, but collectively focused. The Camelot Network, I have spoken with many of you – and you all had great insight. I really appreciated the varied perspectives. You can’t get that elsewhere.”

Anthony Grosso

SVP Global Marketing and Communications - EIS

“The Camelot Network enabled us to gain knowledge in an efficient manner, critical for us, as an owner-managed scale-up. The full day workshop, quality exposure, and sales pitch review in the form of a Road Test Event allowed us and our Executive team to understand our UK audience much more effectively. I have no doubt that we have grown as a team thanks to the knowledge and input from these incredibly experienced and talented individuals. Simply put, Genasys as a company is now in a better position, due to our various engagements with The Camelot Network.”

André Symes

Managing Director - Genasys Technologies

“Woods and trees can be difficult to tell apart when you’re too close to them. The Camelot Network reminded us of that in straightforward style this evening – a hugely helpful refocus. We got strong, constructive feedback that will guide us in refining our pitch and approach. I can’t recommend enough the Road Test experience to anyone – vendor, provider, consultant – seeking a lot of learning / constructive challenge in a compressed amount of time.”

Chris McKibbin

Co-Founder - LogicLayer

“The Camelot Network provided a very attractive proposition to gain knowledge in an efficient manner, with access to the high concentration of incredibly experienced and talented individuals.”

André Symes

Managing Director - Genasys Technologies

“Thank you for the fantastic session yesterday. It was priceless! It is a confidence booster. I have gained some valuable insight from it. I am better prepared and equipped than I ever was to overcome fear and build self-esteem.”

Member - The Camelot Network

“It really was invaluable to get feedback and suggestions from such an eclectic, passionate and experienced group of industry experts”

Chris Kaye

CEO & Co-Founder - Sherpa

“Genasys is now in a market leading position thanks to The Camelot Network.”

André Symes

Managing Director - Genasys Technologies

“The Camelot Network enables the fast provision of skilled expertise to support the development of key growth areas at Chaucer, and is also a flexible resource that we can plug into on an ad hoc basis – I would highly recommend them to any insurance business looking to overcome a challenge.”

Hayley Maynard, PhD

Head of Strategy and Corporate Development - Chaucer

“The Camelot Network was an incredible way to access a wide variety of practical knowledge and deep expertise from across the insurance industry. Highly recommended”

Juan Bernal

CEO - GSS Analytix

“Whilst only a brief stay in the Camelot group it has brought me a wealth of valuable connections, insight into important topics and a chance to learn from fellow experienced professionals. The whole ethos of helping each other with no personal agenda is so healthy and I have seen people grow as a result of this over the last 6 months.

David should take great credit for the culture within the Group and I will continue to follow it closely (and possibly use some skills) as I enter back into Corporate life.”

Hugh Hessing

Chief Operating Officer - Aviva UK

“Your passion for helping people succeed is evident David. It’s the raison d’etre of the network and I’m proud to be a part of it.”

Des McCavitt

Principal - Confrere Consulting Limited

“Partnering with The Camelot Network helped us to unlock valuable insight and business opportunity via a diverse and experienced network of experts”

Nick Mair

Co-Founder - Atticus DQ Pro

“…it was an incredibly useful experience and the Camelot style of “tell it how it is” is very refreshing and gets straight to the point. “

Matthew Grant

Partner - InsTech London

“It’s a journey, and you are all helping us on our way. We are very grateful”

Chris Kaye

CEO & Co-Founder - Sherpa

“Camelot offers a fantastic way to get direct, unfiltered feedback from a cross section of industry experts channeled through the brilliant moderation of David Clamp, and with the key points summarised in writing. The session was incredibly helpful for us in identifying the priorities for the work we have to do to ensure we have the greatest impact and add the most value to our own clients and community”

Matthew Grant

Partner - InsTech London

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